Athlete Development

Athlete Development

Quest – Skater Development

QUEST is an event created to offer a parallel development pathway for skaters who competed at their Sectional Championships and did not meet the criteria to qualify for the Challenge level of competition. This event allows the skaters to train and perform using the same training calendars of those athletes who are continuing through the national qualifying structure. QUEST is an enhancement tool to help push the level of performance, as well as skill acquisition, to empower skaters to reach the ultimate goal of qualifying for the Challenge event next season. Skaters will receive constructive feedback and encouragement to support this goal.

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Skate Canada

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Become part of the skating family and a member of Skate Canada. When you sign up for a skating program at a Skate Canada member club you automatically become a member of the national organization. If you are thinking about taking skating lessons for the first time or you want to introduce your children to a healthy life-long sport find a figure skating club near you.