Officials play a very important part in our sport. There are different types of officials which fall into three main categories: evaluators/judges, referees and data specialists. Judges are perhaps the best known officials and they are usually former skaters who have had a positive experience in the sport and wish to help others attain their goals.


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CPC Judging System

Skate Canada has adopted standardized language for competitions. This language should be used for all competitions, wherever possible, whether the judging system used is OBO or CPC. It should be used in all competition documents, not just those documents prepared by the Data Specialists, including the Announcement and Programs.

Skate Canada’s Cumulative Points Calculation (CPC) judging system provides a quantitative measure of performance by which all athletes at all levels can gauge their performance. It is an athlete empowering system that is accurate and consistent with Skate Canada and ISU rules. The CPC system allows Skate Canada to support all the levels of skating that occur domestically.

Officials Expense Form

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